About eKS Corrosion Protection

Since our foundation in 1989, we have manufactured corrosion protection products to the latest state of the art and of research. In addition we provide support services relating to everything regarding corrosion protection and monitoring. Thanks to our first-class products, we have been able to gain the trust of many customers worldwide.

Member of DECHEMA

We are a member of DECHEMA (the German expert network for chemical engineering and biotechnology). As a non-profit research company, the purpose of DECHEMA is the exchange of knowledge between specialists, researchers, and companies. This means that we are able always to be up-to-date with the state of research and we ourselves can contribute to the further development of our industry.

Active worldwide

We work for companies in more than 30 countries; this brings us new experience all the time.
This means that we can adapt our corrosion protection to varying production conditions.

Research and development

In our laboratory we perform electrochemical trials to find new solutions for corrosion protection. Because of this, we have been able to develop innovative products and components, which today are used worldwide.

The environment
is important to us
Environmental protection