Corrosion protection is environmental protection

It may seem incredible, but right round the world five tons of steel fall victim to corrosion every second. That is costly (in the USA around 70 billion euros per year), but above all it is a burden on our environment.

Direct and indirect
environmental damage from corrosion

Many hundreds of tons of iron ore and coke must be mined and produced for all this steel,
and they then go to waste. But corrosion can also cause serious environmental damages directly, although this can be prevented through corrosion protection. Many products transported in pipework can cause environmental damage or even endanger the safety of personnel and local residents.
The same applies to storage tanks and other equipment in the chemical industry.

Our goal in corrosion protection:
Safety and cost savings

15 percent of all corrosion damage could be prevented by appropriate corrosion protection measures. The prevention of personal injury and environmental damage can save billions of euros in costs.
And – even better – thanks to hands-on research and further development of electrochemical corrosion protection, we are today able to provide corrosion protection which is always adapted to the current state of technology and to the equipment being protected. For this we work closely with equipment operators, researchers, and technologists.

Technical optimisation of
corrosion protection, environmental protection,
and cost savings is our goal!

In this way, our individually adapted equipment pays for itself in a very short time, because you save the costs caused by production outages, repair work, and replacement parts.

The benefits
for you