Anodic corrosion protection

Anodic corrosion protection makes use of passivity –
this is an electrochemical surface state with greatly reduced reactivity in a given medium.
This means: A metal material is protected from corrosion by anodic passivation. However, the process can be used only for systems which can be passivated, such as steel in sulphuric acid or caustic soda.
Typical applications include tube bundles in heat exchangers, air coolers, evaporators, or tanks.

Why internal anodic corrosion
protection from eKS?

Without anodic corrosion protection, corrosion damage occurs, e.g. in sulphuric acid coolers,
and this has a significant negative effect on the working life of such equipment. One of the prerequisites for problem-free functioning of anodic corrosion protection equipment is very precise and continuous measurement of potential.
For this purpose, we developed a special (maintenance-free), self-sealing reference electrode which ensures a very high level of measurement precision. Our potential controlling protection system with microprocessor technology are outstandingly suited to the changing operating conditions (concentration, temperature, and flow rate).
(concentration, temperature, and flow rate).

The benefits for you

Retrofitting anodic
corrosion protection

With our advanced technology, we are able to use sulphuric acid to treat shell and tube heat exchangers in order to protect the tubes of any length and diameter from corrosion. Even in existing systems, it is possible to retrofit anodic protection equipment.

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